Sport Research Institute

Sport Research Institute

 Professor Levushkin Sergey Petrovich, Doctor of Biological Sciences, is a director of Sport Research Institute at the RSUPESYT. 

  1. Methodological framework of the picked teams. The pursuance of the fundamental and applied researches on the development of the innovative methods and control system of the athletic training.
  2. Bodily machinery. Scientific and technological support for the research and development and innovative activity.
  3. Sport performance efficiency. Development of the sports nutrition; study of the sport biochemistry and bioenergetics; development of the ergogenetic aids in sport activity and etc. 
  4. Physiology of sports activity and rehabilitation
  5. Fitness technologies. Physical education development among students though the realization of individually-typological approach and using of information technologies; optimization of the physical state of children, adolescents and the young through the implementation of the regimes of motor activity taking into account the individually-typological characteristics and etc.

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E-mail: niinst [at] mail [dot] ru

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