Scientific and Organizational Department of RSUPESYT

Scientific and Organizational Department of RSUPESYT

Laptev Alex Ivanovich is a vice director of the Scientific and Educational Center of Innovation of RSUPESYT

Field – a software “Antiplagiat” Manager, maintenaning the multipurpose research team, methodological framework of the picked teams (the pursuance of the fundamental and applied researches on the development of the innovative methods and control system of the athletic training for the following sports:

  1. Olympic sports: basketball (women’s and men’s), table tennis, track and field athletics (sprint race and hurdling, and endurance), unarmed combat, badminton, hand-boll (women’s and men’s), water polo (women’s and men’s), taekwondo, rugby-7.
  2. Deaflympic sports: catch style, Greco-Roman wrestling, track and field athletics, ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, orienteering, tennis, hand-ball, badminton, table tennis, karate, shooting, taekwondo, cycling, and football.
  3. Special Olympic sports: Wheelchair fencing and wheelchair tennis.

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